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Music – especially live music – is very important in our lives, and we are extremely lucky to have some very talented friends who make music (indeed, many have done so professionally).

First we must point out that we like ALL sorts of music, and we love to see as much classical, ballet and opera as we can afford,  but most of our friends seem to be involved in Rock’n’Roll – so  this part of our website tends to focus on that sort of music.

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The sixties band which had hits with Tobacco Road, Google Eye and Little Bird.  Yes they’re still going strong more than fifty years later, and we’re proud to still call them all friends. Roger supports them by organising their bookings and tending their website at .  

The band still play loud "Old School" Rhythm & Blues. Our pal Ray Phillips is a founder member of band and has an extremely melodious voice that can sing the full range from ballad and brilliant blues through to throaty rock'n'roll.   Ken Osborn on lead guitar and Simon Spratley on keyboards provide the riffs with Adrian (Spud) Metcalf on drums and our best mate Colin Pattenden on bass.  Colin cut his professional teeth as a founder member of Manfred Mann's Earth Band in the early seventies. 

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Our good friend Colin P also plays bass guitar with this band and we rarely miss a gig.  Jack Lynton is an impressive entertainer with a powerful voice.  After a solo career in the sixties he moved on to join The Savoy Brown Blues Band in the seventies and then John Coghlan's Diesel in the eighties. Jack is also a prolific songwriter.  He wrote "Again and Again" for Status Quo among many other of their "headbanging" songs. In 2017 we did a mamajor tour supporting Jack's old mates, Chas and Dave - tremendous fun.  Roger also manages Jacks web site at .   Jack's vocal range is magnificent and he moves easily from melodic thirties songs through to really raunchy Rock'n'Roll.  Colin's bass is complemented by Adrian (Spud) Metcalf's excellent drumming.   There are two lead guitars -  Chris Bryant and Mike Windus, both of whom have to be heard and seen to be believed - Jack only surrounds himself with the best!

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Ian Campbell used to play lead guitar with The Nashville Teens, Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Levee Camp Moan before we knew him. We first met him as lead guitarist with The King Earl Boogie Band (sadly - no longer operating). Ian had/has a unique gift of not only being extremely proficient with his guitar (he taught the subject for a living) but he played/plays with his soul - his playing style is very moving and emotive. He was lead guitar with KEBB until 31st October 2009. Halloween.  On that night we all waited for him to arrive to play at Pyrford Blues Club, but we waited in vain. Ian had been almost wiped out on his way to the gig when another vehicle crossed the dual carriageway and hit his car head on. Hospitalised for months, Ian lost so much blood from internal injuries that he effectively suffered a stroke and although he has pulled through, he can no longer use his left arm or leg, and is blind in his left eye. Not good news for a man who's life revolved around playing a guitar, and he admits that he visited some very dark places in his mind when he was faced with the prospect of never being able to make music again. 
However, Ian is made of stern stuff, and with the help of The Nordoff-Robbins foundation he has learned to play the guitar one-handed!  Ian is a blues man, and luckily most twelve bar blues are played with an open tuning - he is so good that if you shut your eyes you wouldn't know that he only had one hand!   So in 2013 Ian assembled a band and although gigs are rare he does manage one or two a year - and they always sell out!  A passionate music man - Ian is now focussed on raising awareness of - and money for - The Nordoff-Robbins foundation.

As well as Ian playing lead guitar, the band comprises Keith Allen (originally with Marty Wildes Wildcats) on rhythm guitar,  George Leslie Calvert on bass guitar (played with Alexis Korner, Jonah Louie and Mike Cooper's Machine Gun Company among many others.), Simon Spratley (Nashville Teens) on keyboards and Simon Baker (Pred8tur) on drums.

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So Long Angel appear in many disguises.  At the core is the duo Fran McGillivray-Burke and Mike Burke.  Fran has a magically honey chocolate voice, with just enough growl to make the blues real. She also plays a mean bass guitar, and on odd occasions she also plays the flute or the banjo just to be different. Mike plays lead guitar, an excellent musician.

Their duo expands to a trio when Roger Nunn sits in on drums, or sometimes just on djembe. The music tends to move up tempo from the folky traditional roots which Fran and Mike favour as a duo - with an added flavour of delta blues.  This combo some times trades as The Fran McGillivray Band, and sometimes just as "The Trio"

Add Roland Kemp on keyboards, and you have So Long Angel,  a blues band with a foot in the jazz camp!  Probably my favourite band.

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Keith cut his musical teeth as drummer with Marty Wildes Wildcats, but now plays guitar, harmonica and contributes excellent lead vocals.  on bass guitar is George Leslie Calvert (Alexis Korner, Jonah Louie and Mike Cooper's Machine Gun Company among many others.)  Lead guitar is Gordon Vaughan (KEBB) and drums are provided by Simon Baker (Pred8tur). Keith's band is often accompanies by Drew Taylor (Spirit of the Bees) on electric violin.

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Another good friend of ours is Karl Green (founder member and bass guitar with Hermans Hermits). He plays bass guitar and provides most of the vocals with this rock band with a tendency toward the "heavy" end of the rock scale. Kevin Welling plays the keyboards and Richard Scarfe (Love Affair) provides lead guitar. They are currently in the throes of changing their drummer, but the favourite to settle down seems to be Ian Saunders.

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After more than forty years we are both proud to still support both Radio Caroline and Radio London - those great establishments of the sixties which helped liberate our generation and forced the BBC reform and listen to its public.   We were privileged to be guests at the PIRATE RADIO RE-UNION in 2001 - together with Jacky and Colin.  See pictures at the Big L web-site   The picture above is Jacky & Colin and myself with Fran at the Radio London studio on Clacton Pier in August 2001.   

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Finally - in the summers of 1999 and 2000 there were some amazing sixties concerts put on at The Brighton Centre by a gentleman named Mike Neal .  Sadly he disappeared from the scene after the 2001 gig (without paying the artistes) so the events are unlikely to be easily revived.  Roger had the pleasure of working on the sound stage at both these events and the pages of the programmes are reproduced on the web.  Just click on the pictures of the covers above.

They should each open as a separate web window so that when you've finished you can close that window and find yourself back here !  
The 1999 programme is courtesy of Pauline Miller.


click picture for 1999 programme

click picture for 2000 programme


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