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NOVEMBER 22nd 2020
Week 3 of England Lockdown #2

We are ROGER COOPER and FRAN COOPER.  We live in the town of Bracknell, which is about thirty miles to the West of London, England. This site is for the enjoyment of our family, our friends and anyone else who happens to find it.                 

We love all forms of art - and when we are not hiding from the naughty coronavirus we revel in visiting art galleries, watching ballet and listening to classical music - but  especially we love live music - and even more specifically, live sixties old school R&B music.  Roger writes a commentary in here most weekends ("Thoughts" link above) and maintains a gig list of where our musical friends will be playing as and when normal life resumes.  He also manages several other web sites as well as this one covering music and fan news from our friends The Nashville Teens and a general listing of musical events at "IfTheDevil" dot com; although with the current COVID-19 pandemic there aren't many gigs to report.  When you've finished browsing the stuff we have offered to share in here, you can check out these other sites by using the links below.

picture right: Lockdown is getting very boring

All the views expressed herein (unless otherwise ascribed) are those of the author and may be unsuitable for overly sensitive persons with low self esteem, no sense of humour, or irrational religious beliefs. Any attempt to sue me over it will constitute an irritating social faux pas

Roger tries to update his "thoughts" and gig list at this site weekly.

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Roger manages this website

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